Feature: ARC August Update #3

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Feature: ARC August Update #3


It’s hard to believe that we are heading into the last week of August! This month has flown by and all 3 of us ladies at BookCrushin have had very trying month so far, with lots of outside distractions, but I am very impressed with all of our reading, even if we are straying from just our ARC lists! Now we just need to start posting more reviews…be prepared they are coming!

Check out our original goal post for our complete listing of ARCs or catch up with update #1 or update #2. Created by Read.Sleep.Repeat!



I finished Girl at Midnight and LOVED it. Such an epic story, will be sharing a full review on the site next week. I also devoured Playing for Her Heart, another quick steamy fun read by Megan Erickson and the 2nd in the Gamers series. That review was posted to coincide with that blog tour yesterday, so check it out here & there’s a giveaway! So I’ve crossed off 2 out of my 6 books on my ARC August list. I am now 75% into Fractured Suns and I hope to finish it by next week, although it’s very hard as the story is not grabbing me anymore. I plan to tackle Five Ways to Fall after I wrap up Fractured Suns. Realistically it looks like I will probably be able to finish up 4 out of my 6 books for ARC August but I hold out hope I can squeeze in one more. Stay tuned!



I have gotten absolutely zero ARC reading done this week, thanks to unexpected releases and beta reading from some of my favorite authors. My ARC train has been derailed. I do have 2 ARC reviews to be posted shortly (maybe today & tomorrow!). So my official count is still 4/6 read.



I have finished 4 of my 6 ARCs from my goals and I still haven’t written any reviews (*smdh*). I am in the final stretch of Sweet Temptation and I only keep putting it down for the ease of reading an ebook while commuting or eating lunch at work. It is amazing! Seriously, every time I pick it back up I reread some of my flagged passages and swoon all over again. I expect I will finish it this weekend, but then again I promised myself I would write at least 3 of my 4 reviews this weekend, so here’s to a productive weekend. So I only have 1 ARC left on my list to finish in a week, no big deal, I can do it, I love Amy Plum & can’t wait to read After the End, not sure why I waited this long, but tiny problem…I can’t find the ARC.

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