Feature: #SDCC2019 Hopes & Dreams

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Feature: #SDCC2019 Hopes & Dreams

It has been a long time dream of mine to go to SDCC! Every single year I yearn to be where all the geeks are and this year…this year I finally get to go. Today I am off on plane to head to San Diego and meet up with BookCrushin co-founder Shannon, and my co-blogger Christy! I am so excited to be all together!

So Christy and I thought we would share our Top 5 Plans for the event!

Kelly’s Top 5

  1. Leigh Bardugo & Erin Morgenstern Panel: It is Leigh Bardugo and Erin Morgenstern…is there really more to say?
  2. LAST Supernatural Panel: The goal is to see the very last SDCC SPN panel. Over/Under if Kelly cries…
  3. Stellar Stories & Awesome Adventures Panel _and_ Into the Fanzone Panel: Because we love YA books and that is the damn truth.
  4. BOOKS SIGNED: Clearly I’m obsessed with getting books signed, so much so that I am paying for luggage just to bring my books with me in hopes of getting those beauties signed. Of course meeting the authors is huge too…but I tend to be a giant anxious mess when I am need to say something within like the 30 seconds I have to stammer out words.
  5. FRIENDS!: Meeting some folks that I have never met before, and just being there and taking the giant 50th anniversary bash all into my soul to hold and cherish.


Christy’s Top 5

  1. FINAL SUPERNATURAL PANEL – I cried last year. There’s no way I am not going to cry this year. There will be so many tears. Hold me. (also, I wouldn’t put money on Kelly not crying)
  2. Meeting Chelsea Cain – I absolutely love her Man-Eaters comic, loved Mockingbird, and love Archie Sheridan. Will I tell her that or will there be no words? I’m betting on the second.
  3. Cosplaying to Match Most Anticipated Panels of the Day – I swear I had my cosplays already planned but they also fit with the panel I am most excited to see each day. It was meant to be.
  4. Women of Marvel Panel – This is always one of my favs!
  5. Seeing Kelly & Shannon – This year is even BETTER because I get to be there with Team Bookcrushin!
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4 responses to “Feature: #SDCC2019 Hopes & Dreams

  1. Ash Kemp

    Kelly! Yay I’m so excited for you! I die Everytime someone meets Erin Morgenstern ? I hope you get to meet Samantha Beard @sammaybereading too!