Fridays I’m In Love: The Risk (Briar U #2) by Elle Kennedy

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Fridays I’m In Love: The Risk (Briar U #2) by Elle Kennedy

Welcome to Fridays I’m In Love, our new meme for romance reviews! Today, I am sharing my thoughts on The Risk (Briar U #3) by Elle Kennedy.

Most of these reviews will be adult romance books and of course we will be sharing them on Friday. I am thrilled to be reading more lately, but I will admit to reading more adult romance. So Kelly decided we needed a new meme, to stand out from our usual YA reviews. We hope you are enjoying our new adventures!


Guilty Pleasures we all have them, mine are; True Crime Podcasts, Taylor Swift and New Adult romances involving hockey players. The last one is surprising seeing as I care about sports as much as a Kardashian cares about going fresh faced. Jocks have never been high on my schwing list but the minute I came upon Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series I was hooked.  The series focuses on the romantic entanglements of some of Briar University’s hottest hockey players. This was a four book series that (thankfully) spawned a spin-off called more appropriately, Briar U.

In the first book in the Briar U series (The Chase) we are introduced to side characters Brenna and Jake. They have one flirty exchange that had me frantically refreshing Goodreads hoping they were in the next book and thankfully they were.

Jake is the handsome and talented captain of the Harvard Hockey Team, which just so happens to be the fiercest rival to Briar U. Brenna just so happens to be the daughter of Briar U’s Hockey Coach. Can we say Romeo and Juliet?

Brenna is a tough chick who rocks black and red lips and can spout off hockey stats better than most sports commentators. Jake loves his team and just so happens to be the best hockey player in the league. These two are supposed to be rivals but when they meet there is no denying the attraction. So when Brenna has to ask Jake for a little favor (pretend to be her boyfriend for a night) sparks fly. The sexual tension in this one was off the charts and I found myself doing something I never do, skipping ahead to read the first kiss!

What I always love about the books in this series is how realistic they are. The flirty banter, the friendships and even the hook-ups, always read as realistic. The books are definitely steamy and I always find myself looking over my shoulder to make sure no one sees me frantically fanning myself. Brenna and Jake are probably one of my favorite couples in the series so far and that is largely due to their major love hate relationship. The enemies to lovers trope is my personal favorite.

I also liked that this book delved into some issues with sexism in the sports industry and also with addiction. Although they were minor parts of the story in still added dimension. I also think I know what hockey player the next book will focus on and I am already checking Goodreads waiting on book 3 to be announced!

Both the Off Campus series and Briar U are wildly entertaining and perfect for anyone looking for a slightly sexy New Adult Read. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, although I recommend starting with book one in Briar U so you have the back-story on Brenna and Jake. Although I love this series….don’t ask me to actually watch hockey, deal?

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