Giveaway: Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop

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Giveaway: Favorite Heroines Hop

favorite heroines

BookCrushin is excited to participate in the Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop 2015! You can find the main hop page here herding cats & burning soup,  from June 17th-24th we’re sharing our favorite kickass heroines! Come meet these awesome ladies and find out why they’re the best of the best. Be sure to stop by each blog. There’s a giveaway at every stop!

I have a lot of favorite heroines, like almost as many as I have book boyfriends, because you know the girls in books are just as important to gush over! Some of the standouts aren’t going to be a surprise as I am sure many of you would agree with me on say, Katniss Everdeen or Clary Fray! But the whole reason I blog is to help share my love of many, many books and the authors who write them. So today I am going to focus on the author, Melissa Haag and write about one of her characters from her YA paranormal series, The Judgement of the Six. I am also giving away a signed copy of her first book in the series, Hope(less) donated by Melissa Haag! You just have to leave a comment on this post telling me what characteristics make you just adore your favorite heroines (& enter the rafflecopter form below)!


My Heroine:

(Mis)Fortune (JotS #2)

(Mis)Fortune (Judgement of the Six #2) by Melissa Haag

Kelly’s 5 Heart Review

Our world is being judged and even they remain unaware.

Michelle, another young woman with an unexplainable gift, finds herself surrounded by the previously undiscovered werewolf society. Kept prisoner for the predictions that torment her, she meekly follows orders waiting for her opportunity to run. When her stepfather dies, she takes a chance and escapes.

After witnessing Blake, her captor, grow canines, she knows he will do anything to find her. She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn’t explode, but knows there’s nowhere she can hide forever, and no one who can protect her… unless she can find someone just like him.

Part of the fur wearing faction wants to use her, another part strives to keep her safe. The second book of the Judgement of the Six series will raise more questions about the purpose of these gifted few and Michelle will need to fight for answers. Will what she discovers be enough to help her keep those she loves safe from an emerging evil?



I am going to highlight the heroine from book 2 of the Judgement of the Six series, (Mis)Fortune. Michelle has some unexplainable gifts in the telepathic sort, where she gets a vision of some sort of financial windfalls, be it the lottery or stocks or whatever. Michelle has been held captive for 4 years along with her 2 little step-brothers and her step-father by a cruel man named Blake, who is using her to make money. One day everything changes and she discovers he is some sort of beast/shifter and without being too spoilery–because you MUST read this series–Michelle escapes with her step-brothers. She then runs into a kind and extremely attractive man, Emmitt who brings her into the safety of his world – which kind of feels similar to the world she just escaped, so she proceeds with a lot of caution and ultimately learns to trust them.

I was so drawn to Michelle and her moxie just made me smile constantly. She was so mature and at the same time she could still admit that she barely knows what she is doing especially as she is thrust into her new situation and dealing with the discovery of an underground world that seems so much more vast than she could ever imagine. She was so strong and would do anything to save her brothers from growing up in that horror show of captivity. I love that she was cautious, but realistic, knowing she needs Emmitt and his families resources to help her understand what and who the other group of werewolves were and how her powers seem to be connected to these shifters while she herself is ultimately human.

Michelle is still my favorite heroine of this series and I am so in love with all of the characters and this world that I tell everyone I know to read this series! So, I hope this intrigues you enough to delve into this fabulous story and you check out this extremely unique and intriguing werewolf series! Be sure to grab book 1, Hope(less) as it is free across all ebook platforms in celebration of the upcoming release of book 5, (Dis)content in November!




Signed Paperback of Hope(less)-Judgement of the Six book 1 by Melissa Haag – Open Internationally!

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32 responses to “Giveaway: Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop

  1. Joan

    My favorite heroines are always strong, independent, and loyal. Even when they don’t make the best choices it’s not from lack of trying to help someone else. Michelle from Misfortune is pretty amazing. Family is everything for her.

  2. Heroines who don’t need a rescuer but aren’t afraid to lean on the man who wants to rescue them are my favorites.

  3. Betul E.

    I like my heroines to have a backbone = so strong, loyal and honest. My favorite heroines are Kate Daniels (kate daniels series by Ilona Andrews) and Charley Davidson (Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones)

  4. Tammy V.

    I don’t like them being too aggressive. I prefer they use their brains. Arrogance is another no no.

  5. I like my heroines to be strong but to show weakness. I think it’s really important to be able to relate to the character and to believe she could be real, showing some weakness helps that.

  6. Natasha

    I like heroines that are more hardcore than the guys that fight by their side. It is fun to see the chick doing the rescuing. I also appreciate ones with intelligence that don’t need to be seductive to achieve their goals.

  7. Ewelina

    I like when the heroine is kicking asses, but also is not afraid to admit she is afraid or that she is not good in something! I like them snarky and caring! Intelligent, but sometimes making silly mistakes 🙂

    besides love your blog <3

  8. I enjoy heroines who are smart, funny, and fearless. I am a fan of Melissa’s as well, and I really love Charlene. Not just because of (UN) BIDDEN, but because of her role in the rest of the books.

    I like Lil Falcon from The Guardian Legacy series by Ednah Walters. She is strong yet vulnerable, funny and kickass.

    There are so many more examples.

  9. I recently started the warrior chronicles (chosen is the first book) and the heroine Shanti is HILARIOUS. She is badass, and enjoys learning the cuss words of the new culture she is thrust into. She has no problems telling them how stupid their patriarchy is.

  10. karen chappell

    I like them to be stubborn, always have a witty comeback, and fight for those they love no matter what.

  11. Diana Doan

    I love strong, confident heroines who aren’t weak and dependent on the hero.

  12. Samantha Wallace

    I like heroines that are strong, protective, have a attitude, and take up for the ones who can’t take up for themselves!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! 😀

  13. Ashley Graham

    I love a heroine who is strong, loyal, devoted, loveable, but also badass, who isn’t perfect. Will do whatever it takes to do the right thing, and also who will stop at nothing to be with the one she loves.

    Plus, AWESOME giveaway. Thank you!!

  14. VeronikaDream

    I love heroines that are loyal, strong, brave without being reckless, and sassy.

  15. Tracy Vincent

    I like my heroine to have compassion but not be afraid to kick major butt if need be. Whining, simpering females need not apply. And Hi! 😀 I’m too tired right now for meaningful, sorry. 🙁

  16. Tanya Guthrie

    I like them feisty with a personality. Hate ditsy heroines!


  17. BookLady

    I like heroines who are intelligent, strong, independent, confident, innovative and who have a snarky sense of humor. Thanks for the great giveaway!