Guest Review: Discovery by Char Webster

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Guest Review: Discovery by Char Webster

Today, we bring you another guest review from Teresa! Today she reviewed Discovery by Char Webster.  Check it out, Teresa loved this indie author debut and she hopes you will too! Teresa’s bio will follow her review.


Discovery by Char Webster

Series: The Gifted Series #1
Category: New Adult,
Publication: October 31st, 2015
Purchase: Amazon

All twenty-three year old Kate Sutton wants is a quiet relaxing summer after finishing her first year as a guidance counselor. School is out for the year and her swimming pool awaits, but that all changes when she is asked to help three troubled kids in the foster care system. Kate was adopted, but hasn’t been able to determine anything about her birth parents. She could have easily been placed in foster care instead of with her family. So, when she was asked to help those kids, she couldn’t turn it down.

When strange things begin to happen, Kate discovers that her foster kids are not quite what she had thought and that neither is she. Suddenly, Kate is thrust into a world where people have special gifts and she and the kids are being hunted.

Now she has to learn who she really is and keep the kids safe from discovery. A gorgeous guy keeps showing up everywhere she goes, but is he there to help her or turn her and the kids over to the ones hunting them?



[book rating=5/5]  

Can I fan girl out a little bit and just scream about how much I loved this book?!?!?!?

Discovery is not only the first book in The Gifted Series, but this is also the debut novel for new author Char Webster. Let me tell you, she does not disappoint!

Discovery begins by introducing us to Miss Kate Sutton. Kate is not only beautiful, but caring, and smart. After finishing her first year as a guidance counselor, Kate is looking forward to a relaxed summer sitting by her swimming pool, and hanging out with her friends. But fate has other plans. When 23 year old Kate is asked to help three troubled kids in the foster system, she knows she can’t say no.

Soon, this summer is anything but relaxing. Kate discovers that her foster kids have some pretty amazing gifts, and that she is not quite as normal as she thought. Kate knows she has to protect her kids, and learn who she really is. But the hunters are coming…

In a world where you can’t make heads or tails of anything, how do you know who to trust?

When I was asked to read Discovery I honestly agreed without ever reading anything about this book. I just dove right in, threw caution to the wind, and decided to see where the story took me. And this book completely blew me away!

Not only are the characters well developed, and the story engaging; but Char Webster has masterfully woven a plot that makes you consider the possibility that these gifted people are walking among us right now. She pulls you in with some background information on the main character, Kate, pretty much making sure you know that she is the all around bad ass of “normal” women everywhere. Then she does something that not a lot of writers do, she makes her a mom!

Now, I have three kids, and it’s exhausting. But we had time to prepare individually for each one of them. I could not imagine going from being a single 23 year old, to a mom of three in one day! But the author does so with grace and understanding. I feel like the drive to protect her foster kids really gave the story line another dimension. It was really beautiful and touching to see a mom being awesome. It gives the rest of us some hope! 🙂

Please don’t think it was all rainbows and butterflies. There were definitely some pages that I was screaming, “What are you thinking?” (Yes, in my head I scream at the characters).

When I was finished reading this book, I had to take a few minutes to compose myself…there were so many questions floating around in my head, not in a bad way.

I cannot wait for the second installment of this series, and absolutely hope I am on the reading team when it does!

All in all I give this book 5 out of 5 hearts, and encourage anyone who would like a refreshing new story line to pick this book up today!

Happy reading!



teresa gonzalezGuest Reviewer: Teresa Gonzalez

My name is Teresa, I was born and raised in Texas. So to get it out of the way…yes I’ve ridden a horse, no I don’t own one. Yes, I wear cowboy boots, they are comfy, but not every day. I don’t wear a cowboy hat, or any other hats usually. And yes, I say “y’all”… A LOT! 🙂 I met Sara in an online author’s fan group, and we hit it off pretty quickly. I am so excited to be invited as a guest reviewer, and get to share some time with all of you lovely people!

I am a busy wife and mom of three. The hubs and I both work in Emergency Medicine. When I am not on the ambulance, or dealing with the misadventures of motherhood, I usually have my nose in a book. And by book I mean my Kindle Fire HDX.

My usual genres include, but are not limited to: Young adult, new adult, paranormal romance, dystopian, and fantasy. Happy reading!


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