It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly & Christy: Fall Favorites

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It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly & Christy: Fall Favorites

Welcome to our new weekend meme – It’s Personal Saturdays! Today we are going to share our fall favorites! Be sure to tell us what you love about fall.

What is the one thing above all else that makes you think of fall?

Kelly: The falling leaves, I love the crunchy sound, the flittering in the wind, and the beautiful colors as they prepare to fall.  I probably could never move away from the deciduous trees… ok, maybe I could.

Christy: Living in California, our fall season is strange. We haven’t even had summer as of now – I’m starting to lose hope. But I lived in Oregon for 10 years so I associate fall with changing landscapes, cooler temps, and RAIN.

What do you look forward to most about fall?

K: Hoodie weather. Hands down, I love not being cold or hot. I could live in my hoodie, it gives me all the comfort in the world. I will also wear it way too far into winter because I hate winter coats too.

C: Pumpkin everything. I’m already scouting every store for pumpkin flavored stuff.

Favorite fall inspired food?

K: Apple cider donuts and fresh apple cider. Also, pumpkin pie.

C: This year I’m loving pumpkin spice frosted mini wheats. Stay tuned because I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s yet and I hear they have an excellent selection of pumpkin stuff.

Favorite fall movie?

K: Hocus Pocus. Halloween for the win!

C: The Nightmare Before Christmas but damn so I love me some scary movies. I’ve seen every Saw movie in the theater at release.

Fall inspired book?

K: I would say all of Maggie Stievater’s books, because they all make me think of seasons. The Scorpio Races is all November and so damn beautiful. The Raven Boys with its fall back to school themes (and so much more!), and then the Shiver series with the consequences for the wolves of fall and the begining of winter. Be still my beating heart with the fall feelings.

C: Shutter by Courtney Alameda is my favorite. I also love the anthology, Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. Read Jay Kristoff’s story and never sleep again.

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