It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly & Christy: Supernatural Turns 300

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It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly & Christy: Supernatural Turns 300

To these two SPN Family members, the 300th episode of Supernatural is a BIG DEAL. We are 14 seasons strong and every week text each other after watching the episode. This usually devolves into our woes about the eventual series ending and how this episode might later relate to whatever theory we are on. In honor of our love for the series, we are bringing you our thoughts on what we hope to see on episode 300!

Looks like Al Cal didn’t get the black suit memo

Kelly’s 300th Episode Thoughts & Wishes

This show has been a mainstay in my limited TV consumption. For 14 seasons, since 2005, this show has carried on. Screw all the haters, all the people who have doubted it’s success since the ‘change over’ aka season 6 way back in 2010. My biggest problem with CW shows and a lot of the networks is that shows get cancelled before they can find an audience. Well Supernatural keeps going because the audience stays true and continues to grow and thrive. I will never be ready for the end, even though my mind has been prepared every few years, and I was completely expecting this 14th to be the last, but as I write this post, it has been renewed for season 15!
So what do I want to see in episode 300?

  1. Well we know John, the prodigal father returns, it was in all the press for the 300th ep, so I am ready to see the whole family back together, however they pull that off. (Anyone can come back from the dead, right?)
  2. Which brings me to Mary, she seems off, she’s been secluding herself away from the hustle of the bunker this season, and I think that is what Mary needs, to be gone. Maybe we see her here and there, like in last weeks episode she had a more motherly role to play and was essential to discovering Dean’s plans.
  3. I just want to see a tiny bit of happiness, this season has been depressing as hell.
  4. Or if I can’t get happiness, I want to see God defeat fucking Michael.@ cw_spn@cw_spn

Christy’s 300th Episode Thoughts & Wishes

I think I blinked and we somehow ended up at 300 episodes. 2005 – I was a senior in college who obsessively watched The WB and fell in love with Jensen Ackles on Smallville (well, and Dark Angel). I was an easy sell. But I don’t think I knew then how important this show would become to me. Every season past 5 has been a blessing and every year I say I could be ready for it to end because we’ve had 14 glorious seasons. The reality is I’ll never be ready. The SPN Family is something special and finding out Kelly was part of it was basically the best thing ever. So what do I hope for episode 300 (and for every one we get after)?

  1. Sam and Dean reconcile their trauma around their family situation. JFC even if they did an entire season of nothing but therapy sessions it would barely scratch the surface. But since we know John Winchester is coming back, let’s get everyone on the track toward healing. Sammy, say all the things you never said. Dean, reconcile his choice to save you. Mary, how do you say sorry for dragging everyone in this? I don’t know but I’m sure the boys all forgive you. 
  2. Are we gonna talk about Adam? Probably not but I think about him a lot. 
  3. Let’s introduce Jack and Cas to the whole family. Maybe Cas is going to give John a piece of mind about his fatherly duties. Maybe John is going to dish it right back in reference to Jack. I hope so. 
  4. Resolution for Mary. I just want her to go off into the sunset with John. Let them be happy. 

Can’t wait for Thursday. 

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2 responses to “It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly & Christy: Supernatural Turns 300

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! 300 episodes is a huge milestone??
    I still snuggle with my Supernatural blanket every night by the way lol. It’s so cute that you text each other during each episode?