It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly: Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Reaction

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Star Wars Episode IX Teaser Trailer Reaction

Today’s It’s Personal Saturdays is going to be a Kelly exclusive today, because I just had to spew my thoughts on Star Wars Episode IX trailer without giving Christy any time to prepare.

So if you don’t know me well…Star Wars is my number one fandom. I am not obsessed but maybe I am in a good positive way. So of course when the teaser trailer dropped yesterday (if you haven’t seen it yet, I have embedded it below) I had so much to say, think about, tweet about, text everyone about… you know like a typical fangirl! So why not share my thoughts with y’all!

Teaser Trailer Reaction

Who is ready for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Shame we have to wait until it hits theaters on December 20th, 2019!

Can I just say I love Rey! Daisy Ridley is just so perfect. Oh man when she starts running, my first thought was shouldn’t she run towards the TIE fighter, or stand her ground, it’s coming for her no matter what. THEN…she makes that leap! Holy Shit, I seriously gasped! GASPED! So fucking cool. Also, let’s point out that she has Luke’s lightsaber.

Rey leaps over a TIE fighter

Kylo Ren…looking madly murderous, sawing folks in two with his lightsaber, alongside stormtroopers. But the part I definitely hate, the soldering of his mask back together, like ok, dumb, just get a new one made. Silly boys and their symbolism.

Then yay, my boys!! I can’t help it, I ship Poe & Finn…shoot me. But this installment is coming from J.J. Abrams and he would never allow it. Wah. I will ship them together to my last breath. Also, not snub my droid friends, love that C-3PO and BB-8 are there along with a new little droid pal!

The best part of the trailer…LANDO bitches! Lando piloting the Millennium Falcon with Chewie as co-pilot. Then we see the medal of honor, that is either, Han, Luke, or Chewie’s, but no context.

Lando piloting Falcon

The hardest part of the teaser is of course when we see Leia and Rey embracing and Luke’s voice is narrating “No one’s ever really gone.” TEARS. I am weak.

Rey & Leia hugging

The trailer concludes with a very recognizable laugh belonging to Emperor Palpatine…so no idea how that plays a part, but it is pretty much confirmed as the actor came on stage after the trailer was played for the Star Wars Celebration.

So that was my trailer reaction…now my deep thoughts.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker title screen

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the title, The Rise of Skywalker, has stirred up some serious thoughts. And let me spew them for you in no real sensical way. Maybe, in my deepest hopes, Leia tells Rey it doesn’t matter who her family was, she’s a Skywalker now. She has found her place and her family. Or maybe, because there are no Jedi’s left, Rey wasn’t trained like a Jedi so, she is her own force of power. She will find the force sensitive and train them like Skywalkers! Too far reaching? I don’t care, it may become canon in my own head.

Maybe she is a Skywalker, and TLJ reveal about her parents was all a ruse from a very unreliable source (ahem Kylo Ren). Or maybe Kylo gets redemption arc…and he is a Skywalker and a Solo, but can’t go back to his old name after WHAT HE DID! That would be my least favorite.

I am not thrilled with the Emperor reveal…like why? Can’t Kylo be his own bad guy…he has all the right villain characteristics. Let him be in charge of him. Why do we need a puppet master?! I am not into it.

My biggest complaint about JJ’s TFA was so much of the plot was recycled from past movies, I got the homage to the originals but at points it was like ENOUGH already…so now he is recycling once again and bringing back the Emperor and a crashed death star in a watery grave. “No one’s ever really gone” — you can say that again. Once again, ENOUGH ALREADY.

You know my geeky ass is still so damn excited and I can’t wait till December! This saga may be ending but the SW universe will live on…

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4 responses to “It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly: Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Reaction

  1. I am not as excited about this as I thought I would be and I’m not sure why. I actually like that it is a recycled version of the original trilogy with more diversity because now a new generation gets something for them without having to necessarily watch the original? I hope that makes sense! But otherwise I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the movie once it releases! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Kelly!

  2. “But the part I definitely hate, the soldering of his mask back together, like ok, dumb, just get a new one made. Silly boys and their symbolism.“

    I giggled at this. Hahaha. Love the post!