New Release Review: Hellion (Relentless #7) by Karen Lynch

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Review: Hellion (Relentless #7) by Karen Lynch

Hellion is the 7th book in the Relentless series by Karen Lynch. After the original trilogy, Karen gave us a companion novels that feature prominent characters from the original stories, and Hellion is Jordan’s story. Check out my thoughts below!


Hellion is the 7th and final book in the Relentless series. This companion novel to the original trilogy features everyone’s favorite witty, kick ass warrior, Jordan. Jordan is a weapon, her warrior skills are next to none at her age. She’s been working in LA, one of the most active locations in the USA, and for good reason. She is indispensible.

Jordan finds herself off the clock and out at a club, when she encounters a demon she never even learned about let alone how to kill, but she does what she does and kills the demon. Which of course brings a whole groups of special warriors to LA to investigate this strange demon. That’s when Jordan gets tied up in the biggest investigation for the council in ages. It is also when an established warrior enters her space…and changes her life.

Hellion gets a little steamy, which I think was important to the growth of the series. Each book progesses in time and the warriors are all older. The story is fast-paced, full of danger and excitement. We also have the well known stubborness of both warriors, heart melting longing, and of course the realization of a perfect match. Get your swoon on with your demon hunting!

Hellion is not to be missed for fans of the series! Jordan is a character with so much personality it was great to find her meet her match!

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