Review: The Long Con (Geek Actually #1.4) by Cecilia Tan

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Review: The Long Con (Geek Actually #1.4)
by Cecilia Tan

Another week another episode of  Geek Actually! Last Wednesday episode 4, The Long Con was released. Each week I find myself more and more excited for Wednesdays! Have you ever read a serial release? If you like contemporary reads with a diverse cast of geeky ladies, you have to check this one out! Find my weekly mini-review below!


The Long Con (Geek Actually #1.4) by Cecilia Tan

Category: Adult, Contemporary
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This is the 4th episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Cecilia Tan.

Michelle, Aditi, and Elli love a good con, and when they converge at Booklovers, it proves to hold exciting opportunities for each of them. Meanwhile, Taneesha goes to a game night at Diego’s store, hoping to get another chance to gauge his interest. Christina and Vivi get closer, but does Vivi want more than Christina is willing to give?



[book rating=4.5/5]

YES! The Long Con is the episode I have been waiting for! Aditi, Elli and Michelle are all on their way to Booklovers Con! Woot Woot! I love love love reading about cons! It is like living all the geeky fun, without dealing with the anxiety the crowds give me. Speaking of which, glad to know even best-selling authors get nervous entering a bustling show floor filled with thousands of people!

So the Con is overwhelming, so Michelle gets Aditi to go out to dinner to reconnect. Elli is stuck on a delayed flight, where she finishes her book before the flight is over. THE HORROR! (See these ladies are living our best geeky lives!) Michelle is discovering she might not be as vanilla as her ex made her feel. While Aditi definitely sees all the struggle for control that is overwhelming Michelle, and knows that her long time friend might need a heavy push in the right direction to try that something new.

I definitely missed getting Elli’s story while at the con though. I wanted to see her full cosplay kicking ass on the show floor, I wanted to see that special moment where she meets Sarah J. Maas while dressed in her Celaena Sardothien epic-ness. But I am sooo happy she listened to her mother’s sly advice to try and find a way to monetize what she loves doing most!

Meanwhile, Taneesha is trying to unlock the mystery of Diego, when he hosts a game night at his store. She helps her brother provide some snacks, and tells Diego she really doesn’t like the game that’s on deck! AKA she is admitting to being there for other reasons. GET IT GIRL! And Christina finds herself possibly in over her head with Vivi, but I secretly hope it works out for them ALL. I want them all to find happiness in their geeky world!

I really am getting so excited each and every week for another episode. Absolutely loving getting small doses of awesome, it makes me feel satisfied yet dying for more! Here’s to Wednesdays!

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