#SBS June Monthly Wrap-Up

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#SBS June Monthly Wrap-Up

Welcome to our monthly feature where we talk about what we read, adopted into our libraries, and what’s on our minds. After hosting #SignedBookSundays on instagram for 5+ years, we are transitioning to this format as a way to share signed books and talk about bookish (and personal) highlights. Join us the last Sunday or last day of every month (or whatever day today is…)!

In Case You Missed It

  • Read Queer All Year Fall 2023 Anticipated Reads
  • Reviewed If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come by Jen St. Jude – one of my favorite reads of the month and year!
  • The old signed books page has broken, so I created a new one, Where to Buy Signed Books, so if you bookmarked it or linked to it, update your links, please!
  • We curate a Bookshop page with most of the current YA New Releases – please consider supporting us by buying books through our links or shop, or we have a Ko-Fi!

What We Read

Kelly: I read 8 books in June, I really wanted to read 10, but I am happy for this number. I was really on a roll and was so excited thinking I would get through like 10-12 or something, then I didn’t read for an entire week. THE HORROR.

6 of the 8 books I read, I rated 5-stars…so they were all basically stand outs! I read all queer books including the highly anticipated memoir, Pageboy by Elliot Page, which was so heartbreaking to read, but I absolutely loved it. And if you need a reason to check out my storygraph, I have only rated 8 books all year 5 stars, and 6 of them I read this June, so yeah such great books this month! I am taking this vibe with me into July especially since I didn’t read many of my June TBR hopefuls.

Christy: June is the month of queer books (lol well, every month is but especially June!). I only got through 5 books this month and started a few more but I also traveled nearly every day this month so this is good!

  • D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins – After finishing the final Written in the Stars book, this came highly recommended. It was an AMAZING read and I am grateful to everyone who recommended it to me.

What We Hauled

You too can be obsessed with signed books, look here for where to buy a copy from your favorite author’s local indie or preorder incentives that include bookplates.

Kelly’s Highlights

  • Curious Tides by Pascale Lacelle  – Releasing October 3rd – Thank you Simon Teen for the advance copy!
  • When Ghosts Call Us Home by Katya de Becerra – Releasing October 3rd – Thank you Page Street YA for the advance copy!
  • Being Ace edited by Madeline Dyer – Releasing October 10th – Thank you Page Street YA for the advance copy!
  • All That Shines by Ellen Hagan – Releases September 5th – Thank you to Bloomsbury for the finished copy!
  • Spooky Coloring Book by Sara Szewczyk – Releases July 11th – Thank you Page Street for the finished copy!
  • Deadendia: The Watcher’s Test & Deadendia: The Broken Halo Vol 2 by Hamish Steele – Available Now – Thank you to Union Square & Co for the gifted finished copies!

Christy’s Highlights

  • The Reunion by Kit Frick – TY to S&S for Kit’s latest! We are big fans here and can’t wait!
  • Stars, Hide Your Fires by Jessica Mary Best – TY to Quirk. OMG this book sounds incredible.
  • The Fight for Midnight by Dan Solomon – TY to Flux!

What We Hope to Read

Kelly: Well I had 10 hopefuls on my Pride Month TBR and I read 3 of them, but I read a bunch of new releases this month, and I am barely that quick on new books, so that was kind of fun. Still plan to read all of my June TBR, if my library holds hang in there…

  • Ander & Santi Were Here by Jonny Garza Villa
  • Only This Beautiful Moment by Abdi Nazemian
  • The Luis Ortega Survival Club by Sonora Reyes
  • Something Like Possible by Miel Moreland
  • I’ll Take Everything You Have by James Klise
  • Chasing Pacquiao by Rod Pulido
  • Where Echoes Die by Courtney Gould


  • Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli
  • None Shall Break by Ellie Marney

On the Top of Our Minds


I am having a hard time believing June is over. Like why does every month feel like a whirlwind, when I barely leave my house, is this just adulting without kids? So there are no big milestones that make marks on my memories? Anyway – that was too deep – back to books. I think it was homophobic of JUNE to be over already. There I said it, I want more Pride, and more queer content on the socials, and and…oh wait, I pretty much only share queer content all year long. How silly of me, it’s like it’s almost my whole personality.


 😅 June was quite the wild ride for me. Started off the month returning from a Disney trip, headed into my birthday week (which included a trip to Moab followed by a trip to Disneyland for Pride Nite!), and then went to Ohio to help my girlfriend move into her apartment (oh, ICYMI yes, I did share that I am in a polyamorous relationship). We headed to Chicago to see Fall Out Boy kick off their tour in their hometown and then I flew from there to Paris and then to Prague! What even is home right now haha.

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