#SignedBookSundays July Monthly Wrap-Up

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#SBS July Monthly Wrap-Up

Welcome to our monthly feature where we talk about what we read, adopted into our libraries, and what’s on our minds. After hosting #SignedBookSundays on instagram for 4+ years, we are transitioning to this format as a way to share signed books and talk about bookish (and personal) highlights. Join us the last Sunday or last day of every month (or whatever day today is…we are busy!)!

In Case You Missed It

  • Need more Obi-Wan in your life? Check out 5 Reasons to Read Brotherhood by Mike Chen!
  • Take a peak into the upcoming Buffyverse books coming soon!
  • The where to buy signed books page has been updated and I have found as many August YA releases, as I could – of course I keep adding more and more when I find them…check it out!
  • We curate a Bookshop page with most of the YA New Releases – please consider supporting us by buying books through our links or shop, or we have a Ko-Fi!

What We Read

Kelly: Well my monthly reading trend is a trend…5 books read last month, and only 5 this month! UGH. They were great books though! The 5-star stand outs were:

  • The Fae Keeper by H.E. Edgmon – 5 stars – A wonderful sequel to The Witch King and I barely have read much fantasy, but even though these are humanoid fae, most of the story does take place in our world so I think it is more fantasy light and more paranormal. The queer/trans rep is just exceptional!
  • The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes – 5 stars – I loved this one so much, the importance of family, fighting against religious bigotry, and believing in yourself, no matter what!

Christy: I read 12 books this month? How long has it been since I did that?!

  • The Greatest Thing by Sarah Winifred Searle – I picked this up on a whim on the BN LGBTQ+ display at the same time Kelly recommended it to me. One of my fav GNs this year!
  • Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour – This may end up being my favorite book of the year. Yet another amazing, emotional read from Nina. I loved every minute.
  • Dark Disciple by Christie Golden – I put off reading this one but with the tie-ins to Obi-Wan, I couldn’t wait anymore. What a mistake it was to wait. SO GOOD. Hands down one of the best Star Wars books.
  • Gideon Green in Black and White by Katie Henry – Katie is absolutely an autobuy author and I live for her blunt, inquisitive MCs. Every book gets better and better.

What We Hauled

You too can be obsessed with signed books, look here for where to buy a copy from your favorite author’s local indie or preorder incentives that include bookplates.

Kelly’s Highlights

  • Violet Made of Thorns by Gloria Chen – Released June 26thMany thanks to Random House for the gifted finished copy!
  • The Witchery by S. Isabelle – Released July 26th Many thanks to I Read YA/Scholastic for the gifted finished copy!
  • Ben and Beatriz by Katalina Gamarra – Releases August 2ndMany thanks to Graydon House for the advance readers copy!
  • Goth Girl Queen of the Universe by Lindsay S. Zrull – Released July 19thMany thanks to Flux Books for the gifted finished copy!
  • A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers – Released July 16thMany thanks to TorDotCom for the advance readers copy!
  • Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner – Releasing October 11thMany thanks to SMP Romance for the advance readers copy!
  • Signed Books I added to my collection this month: Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty by MK England, The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston!

Christy’s Highlights

  • Firefly: What Makes Us Mighty by MK England – Out now!
  • Into the Sublime by Kate A. Boorman – Out now!
  • Spells for Lost Things by Jenna Evans Welch – TY to S&S for this ARC! So excited!
  • Shadow of the Sith by Adam Christopher – Out now!.

What We Hope to Read

Kelly’s TBR

So as things usually go I didn’t read anything from my hopeful TBR below….what is a hopeful TBR when you are always just reacting to your library holds. IYKYK. You can follow my reading on goodreads and/or storygraph where I share what I just read, and some immediate reading reactions – full reviews are almost exclusively on here or instagram.

  • Man O’ War by Cory McCarthy
  • Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth
  • The Chandler Legacies by Abdi Nazemian
  • Bitter by Akwaeke Emezi
  • Loveless by Alice Oseman
  • She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott & Alyson Derrick

Christy’s TBR

I got through 2.5 of my books from last month so I am calling that a win.

  • Padawan by Kiersten White
  • Bloody Fool for Love: A Spike Prequel Novel by Will Ritter

On the Top of Our Minds


I feel like this part of the post is always a lesson on philosophy…what even is time?? For me, no clue! The months keep chugging along and I feel like I have nothing to show for the passing of time — I can’t even say that books have been keeping me occupied. I feel like I started reading more, faster & dedicated but ended up reading the same number of books as June.

Other than reading a bit, I have been watching some tv shows, like finally getting around to S3 of The Boys, this show is a hilarious look into society & capitalism, it’s so awesome and very bloody!


Time seems to blend together right now. What happened in July? I can hardly remember and it was just a few days ago. Been busy with work – housing is a busy industry right now!

I’ve been heavily training for an upcoming double Spartan weekend and it’s finally almost here. I’m also in triathlon season and headed into marathon season AND I started teaching at a local club. Time? What time?

We just bought an RV! One of our main motivations in moving to Colorado was to buy an RV and experience public lands. We are headed to Nebraska for Labor Day weekend and doing some small local trips before winter, too! Excited to go on a new adventure (but nervous, too!).

I also did a Stranger Things Vol4 rewatch and I don’t understand how we are expected to wait until 2024. It simply won’t happen LOL.

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