TV Thoughts: Supernatural s14e20 – Moriah

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TV Thoughts: Supernatural s14e20 – Moriah

WARNING – there are spoilers for all things Supernatural in this post, including the description from the finale below. Do not read this post if you are not 100% caught up!





Spoilers Ahead!

Dean Winchester Supernatural Moriah - @CW

Supernatural s14e20 – Moriah

Sam, Dean and Castiel are thrown into an epic battle; Jack becomes disenchanted with all of the lies; an old friend from the past shows up.

TV Thoughts

OH MY CHUCK. What the heck just happened?

Kelly: This season felt really fast. A lot of dead characters, so there are no strings left dangling as they go into the 15th and FINAL SEASON. But the season 14 finale was a great episode. I literally was so happy when Chuck showed up. I was like finally. I love his character, but umm not thrilled with some of his self satisfying choices over the years, and again including this one.

Christy: WHAT A FREAKING RIDE. I have not been 100% on board with season 14 but Moriah is definitely the strongest episode and might be one of my fav eps EVER. Of course Chuck is going to come home when the world is going to shit. Of course there are infinite worlds. OF COURSE ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE (literally).

So like, God is bad, right? What does this mean for the world?

K: OK, like I said above, I always liked Chuck, I understood some of his ministrations. But did he really want Dean to die? I mean I feel like Chuck kind of loves Dean, but he knew he would take that gun, no matter what. Dean has been self sacrificing a whole hell of a lot lately. I am not pleased with Chuck’s temper tantrum at the end. You gave humans free will and the ability to choose, so you can’t get mad when they make a choice you didn’t want them to do! UGH. Writers can be such babies. LOL

C: Ugh right? But did we really think he was a good guy after all he’s put the Winchesters through? I love how Dean did not play into his hand. I wonder if Amara is going to come back next season.

HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO CINNAMON ROLL JACK? And what does his being in the Empty with Billie mean?

K: Not happy. Especially when Jack even without a soul, is starting to understand the consequences of his actions. What person hasn’t had to learn when to lie, and when to understand lies. He also knows he caused Mary’s death but it wasn’t what he wanted. When he didn’t kill his grandmother, I knew what Cas knew, he can learn from his mistakes.

I firmly believe we see Billie just to let us know she is going to send him back. She is not a fan of Chuck, and she is not happy he let souls out of hell without her permission. I love Billie and her elevation to Death is definitely perfect for her. She is going to save the world with Jack!

C: IT IS UNFORGIVABLE but I am so happy that it’s not over. Ngl I was a little worried Dean was going to actually shoot Jack there and that would have been the opposite of cool. After nearly ending the world, he’s going to come back with Billie and save it. That’s my prediction.

The Woman in White. John Wayne Gacy. Bloody Mary. THEY’RE ALL BACK. What does this mean for the Team Free Will?

K: First of all, the cemetery full of the dead…was a little harsh to end the episode. I know Dean, Sam, and Cas will handle it enough to get away and maybe call in reinforcements. There aren’t many left, but they are going to need all the help they can get. We have some seriously dangerous ghosts out on the prowl. So hopefully we get some monster slaying…

C: They love us. Truly. SPN Family constantly wishes for more monster of the week eps and now we get a whole season of monsters from years past. And they are going to be PISSED. Getting out of that cemetary alive is going to take a miracle.

There are 20 episodes left. Wipe your tears. How do you want to spend them?

K: I think they should have fun…saving the world…killing monsters…eating pie. I think we get all the fellow hunters who are left to join the hunt. But I ultimately think Sam and Dean will die, because I think they want the show to be over completely. No coming back. However, I still expect Wayward Sisters to make a comeback. I want to see all the girls pick up fighting and for the world to give them a chance to carry the torch. I mean that is if the world doesn’t just poof away. Whatever happens, I know the the SPN Family isn’t ready.

C: I am not done crying. I can’t believe we only have 20 episodes left. When season 5 hit and we didn’t have a renewal, I felt dread. 10 seasons later and it’s so much worse. I want to see Team Free Will in every ep. I want zany shit to happen. JUMP ALL THE SHARKS YOU WANT. The show will end with one of the brothers dying and I can’t even tell you which one I want it to be. I AM NOT READY.

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