Vampire Academy Movie Set to Begin Filming This Summer

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vampIn the ever growing list of YA series that have been optioned for the big screen none had me more excited than Vampire Academy. For those not familiar with Vampire Academy it tells the story of 17 year old Rose Hathaway a Dhampir, a half human/half vampire, who shares a special spiritual link with Lissa her best friend, who also happens to be a vampire princess. They attend St. Vladimir Academy, that isn’t just any old boarding school, it’s a hidden place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and dhampir’s are trained to protect them.

The project sat in purgatory for awhile and it didn’t seem that it would ever seen the light of day, what with the five Twilight movies it would seem that the vampire craze had been over and done with.  However, many saw the potential success of this series, Producer Deepak Nayer is quoted on as stating:

“On a creative level we love the story and the creative team. We also love the potential to do a series of six strong movies based on this beloved series of novels” he said. There could even be more as Mead has spun off characters from her Vampire Academy books into a second series, Bloodlines, two of which have already been released.”

I’m literally fainting at the prospect of seeing Adrian Ivashkov on screen!

The first movie,  set to being filming this summer, will be titled Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.  Daniel Waters, best known for penning the cult hit Heathers, has written the script for the first movie. His brother, Mean Girls helmer Mark Waters, will direct the film.

Casting news has already flooded the internet with it being confirmed that three virtual unknowns have been cast in the lead roles of Rose, Lissa and Dimitri.  An international search led the producers to Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures) for Rose, Australian newcomer Lucy Fry as Lissa  and Russian star Danila Kozlovski for Dimitri.  I have to say I’m super underwhelmed with the casting news, although glad they hired a real Russian for Dimitri. Here’s hoping when it comes to Adrian casting agents hear my cry and hire the beyond perfect Douglas Booth.

For more on the upcoming movie and to read what Richelle has to say visit her blog here.

So are you excited about this news? If this is done right, and they stick to the tone of Richelle’s books, I think this has the potential to be amazing.




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