Book Hangover: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

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Book Hangover: A Court of Mist and Fury
by Sarah J. Maas


No truer words were ever put on a someecards! Seriously though, A Court of Mist and Fury, the sequel to A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACoTaR) by Sarah J. Maas, gave me the biggest book hangover I have ever experienced in my entire book loving life! *spoiler-free tirade below*

Now here is my book hangover story & hopefully my trouble and triumphs will help the rest of you poor bastards who have now been ruined by the genius Sarah J. Maas. May the Cauldron bless you for a fast recovery.

I of course, once I finished A Court of Mist and Fury (ACoMaF), I ran to social media to gush about the epicness of this book…then I returned again in like 3 days, 3 long days of still not being able to read more than a page or two of any other book. This being a huge horror for me as I try to read at least 60 minutes every day, but I prefer to read more like 4 hours a day (I do work full time)!

After starting & stoping like 5 different books, the next step I tried was re-reading all my highlighted passages from both ACoTaR & ACoMaF. This was awesome, but wasn’t working…it was just putting me back into the amazing world and getting stuck there again. So I once again, I took to the internet, I sought comfort from my friends who had read it already, than spurred multiple others to read the book, selfishly, so I could have someone to share in my misery & joy of such a perfect book.

Back to the internet to moan & groan. Another shot at reading a new book. Do not even pick up an ARC, it’s unfair to those books. Finally, I ended up starting & finishing a companion book for a series I love that I hadn’t read yet. There was no pressure, no review needed, and it was set in a beloved world.

Overall it took me 9 damn days before I finished another book, but I am not sure I will ever recover from this book, maybe not until I’ve finished book 3, which I am sure will elicit another book hangover.

To sum things up, if you have already read it then you know the pain…if you are going to read, please be prepared for your next biggest obsession. If you have a lot of book reading responsibilities, do not read this first. ACoTaR was the best fantasy book I (& many others) read in 2015 & ACoMaF is sure to be the best book of 2016. This book is my everything.

Ps. Do not go on tumblr if you haven’t finished the books! Not spoiler-free over there!

So if you are experiencing symptoms of a book hangover…try whatever you can to move on, even if the Cauldron damns us so. I texted, emailed, tweeted, tumblr’d, instagramed, facebooked, and more to try and move on and one day I just might. Only 11 more months to wait (hopefully)! Needless to say I highly recommend this series – both are 5-star perfections!

Oh and I loved this quiz, Bloomsbury made to help you identify your Court! – I am Night Court (insert evil giggle!)




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