New Release Blitz & Giveaway: All That Jazz by Natasha Boyd

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New Release Blitz & Giveaway: All That Jazz by Natasha Boyd


BookCrushin is very excited to help celebrate the release of All that Jazz by Natasha Boyd! In this post you will find all the book information, an excerpt as well as a blitz wide giveaway! Hope you enjoy!


jazzAll that Jazz by Natasha Boyd

Series: A Butler Cove Novel
Publication date: March 22nd, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

There’s something totally inconvenient about falling for your best friend’s brother. Especially when he’s turned into a pompous, arrogant, albeit annoyingly sexy a-hole that you’d like to punch or kiss to death at any given moment.

The summer she turned eighteen, Jazz Frazer accidentally lost her heart to Joey Butler, after a favor that blurred the lines from friends to lovers.

For three years they’ve pretended there’s nothing between them anymore. Jazz is finally ready to move on with the rest of her life. She’s looking forward to the end of college and fulfilling her dream of travelling the world. She’s determined that experiences and relationships will be fun, casual and easy. After all, she learned the hard way that men just don’t stick around anyway. But when her best friend gets herself into a relationship with a celebrity, Jazz has to do the one thing she never thought she’d do, call Joey and ask for help.

Repeatedly thrown together, Jazz tries everything she can to protect her heart and not fall back in love with Joey. But when Joey finally admits that Jazz is the one he’s always wanted, all bets are off.

Contemporary, friends to lovers, second chance romance. 17+ for strong language and sexual situations.


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The Summer I turned 18

“You really didn’t have to drive me, you know.” I was sitting in Joseph’s red pickup, leaning as far away from him as possible in case I accidentally inhaled the smell of him and moaned or something.

“Oh shut up, already. We’re almost there.” He shook his head, amused.

I kept testing myself. I’d glance at his forearm, or his thigh, or his profile and check my body reactions. It was awful. Every single damn time, my belly clenched or did this weird bubbling thing. And when he changed gears and his fingers closed over the gear stick and his thigh muscles tensed, it was excruciating. God, I needed a Pepto Bismol. What the hell had happened to me? It was like I woke up in Narnia or Wonderland or an alternate reality. Or in Erath. God, I wished it was book world Erath instead, and this was Jack Eversea I was crushing so hard on. But, no.

I grunted, disgusted at myself. “Well, you don’t have to wait on me, I’ll—”

“What? Catch a taxi home? Do you know how much that will cost? What’s going on with you?” He glanced at me before concentrating back on the road. “I offered to help you, you accepted. Now you’re being weird.”

“I’m not.”

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were trying to avoid me. And here I was thinking we were finally becoming friends.”

“We are. I’m not. I …” I trailed off.

“Whatever.” He shook his head. “Okay so, look, I’m glad we’re alone so we can talk.”

I swallowed, my ribcage growing tight. “Yeah?”

“So is he the guy?”


“Chase Kennedy?”


Joey took his eyes off the road and looked at me, making me feel like a middle schooler who’d just forgotten to hand in my assignment.

“Oh. Chase,” I managed. “Yeah. So yeah. He’s the guy. The lucky dude,” I finished lamely, looking out the window. “Hey, can we roll these down?” I asked reaching for the window crank.

“I don’t like it.”

“What? The windows open?” I asked knowing full well that wasn’t what he meant.

“No. Him as the guy.”

“I don’t care.”

“He’s a player.”

I shrugged. “Probably.”

“He was drinking last night.”

“Aaaand?” I snorted.

“So did you have any?”

“Oh my God. Are you serious right now?”

“Yes. I think he was trying to get you drunk so he could sleep with you.”

I choked out a laugh. “On one sip of whiskey? Yeah. Right.”

“There could have been something in it.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Joseph.”

“What? Don’t be mad at me just for caring about you. You’re like a little sister to me. I’d say the same thing to Keri Ann.”

My heart thudded heavily. “Well, I’m not. Your sister I mean. So quit it.”

“Anyway, why do you want to give your virginity to some frat boy player?”

“As opposed to?”

“Dammit, Jazz.” He growled, changing lanes as we crossed the bridge over the Broad River Estuary toward Beaufort. “I’m just trying to stop you from making a mistake.”

I chewed my lip. I felt faintly nauseous. Here I was coming to terms with a massive crush, and he was still lecturing me like I was his baby sister. “Too late,” I muttered. I’d managed to inadvertently make the biggest mistake possible. Developing feelings for my best friend’s brother.

All That Jazz by Natasha Boyd   © 2016 Natasha Boyd

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Author Bio: Natasha BoydNatasha

Natasha Boyd is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary romantic southern fiction. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and has a background in marketing and public relations. Eversea, her debut novel, was a finalist for Contemporary Romance in the 2013 Winter Rose Contest, won the 2014 Digital Book Award for Adult Fiction and is a LIBRARY JOURNAL self-e selection 2015. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers and Island Writer’s Network in coastal South Carolina where she has been a featured speaker on book marketing. She lives with her husband, two sons and the cast of characters in her head.

Natasha grew up in South Africa, Belgium and England. She now lives and writes full-time in the USA.

Her work is available in English, Italian, Turkish, German, and Indonesian.

Author Links:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter




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