Books On Our Radar: Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

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Books On Our Radar: Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala is one of those books that just screams – YES I WANT TO READ THIS! It is about two ex boyfriends who used to cosplay and craft together and they end up at a con where they join forces to win a big competition! I mean a cosplay crafting contest and second chance queer YA romance – yes, please! Plus, if you have ever watched Ryan’s social media, he clearly pulled a lot of this book from his real-life experiences, I have seen some of his cosplays and crafts and it makes me want to read this book even more! Luckily you don’t have much longer to wait – so put Be Dazzled on your TBR for the January 5th release!

Books On Our Radar: Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

Be Dazzled

by Ryan La Sala
Published by: Sourcebooks Fire
on January 5, 2021
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 384

Who's ready to sparkle??

Project Runway goes to Comic Con in an epic queer love story about creativity, passion, and finding the courage to be your most authentic self.

Raffy has a passion for bedazzling. Not just bedazzling, but sewing, stitching, draping, pattern making--for creation. He's always chosen his art over everything--and everyone--else and is determined to make his mark at this year's biggest cosplay competition. If he can wow there, it could lead to sponsorship, then art school, and finally earning real respect for his work. There's only one small problem... Raffy's ex-boyfriend, Luca, is his main competition.

Raffy tried to make it work with Luca. They almost made the perfect team last year after serendipitously meeting in the rhinestone aisle at the local craft store--or at least Raffy thought they did. But Luca's insecurities and Raffy's insistence on crafting perfection caused their relationship to crash and burn. Now, Raffy is after the perfect comeback, one that Luca can't ruin.

But when Raffy is forced to partner with Luca on his most ambitious build yet, he'll have to juggle unresolved feelings for the boy who broke his heart, and his own intense self-doubt, to get everything he's ever wanted: choosing his art, his way.

Check out the special preorder incentive below and I have it on good authority that you should be able to buy a signed copy from Books of Wonder – announcement coming soon!

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One response to “Books On Our Radar: Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

  1. Amanda J

    I was SO excited for his last book after following him on twitter, but it ended up not being my cup of tea (I just didn’t like any of the main characters and so couldn’t make myself root for them). This is the Rainbow Crate January book so I’ll be reading it for sure. Really hoping I like it better.