Cover Crush: The Quiet Part Out Loud by Deborah Crossland

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Cover Crush: The Quiet Part Out Loud by Deborah Crossland

You ever just see a cover of a book and just know it’s something you have to read? I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t just a book by its cover. Well, if you haven’t seen the cover for The Quiet Part Out Loud by Deborah Crossland, then keep scrolling down this post, because WOW! this cover is so full of emotions and movement. Also is it just me, or does San Francisco have more YA cover representation than any other real city? This book is actually set the summer after senior year, and I just love that volatile time in a soon to be new adult’s life. Can’t wait to add this beautiful book to my shelves this June 27th!

Check out the preorder campaign details in the embedded instagram post below!

Cover Artist: Jessica Cruickshank

Cover Crush: The Quiet Part Out Loud by Deborah Crossland

The Quiet Part Out Loud

by Deborah Crossland
Published by: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
on June 27, 2023
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Young Adult

For fans of You’ve Reached Sam and A Heart in a Body in the World, this searing and heartrending teen novel follows an ex-couple as they struggle to reunite in the wake of a devastating earthquake.

High school sweethearts Mia Clementine and Alfie Thanasis had a plan to escape their town for college in the east. Mia would leave her hard-core evangelical home for Sarah Lawrence College, and Alfie would have a new place to pursue his three loves: baseball, poetry, and Mia. But when Alfie got offered a scholarship to the University of San Francisco the same week the entire town found out about Mia’s mom’s affair with their church’s pastor, Mia’s world imploded and she pushed everyone away…including Alfie.

Five months after the worst summer ever, Mia is crashing at her best friend’s dorm at San Francisco State, just a few miles away from the University of San Francisco, praying she never runs into the boy whose heart she broke. And Alfie is trying to make the most of his freshman year while struggling to reconcile with the abrupt ending of his first love.

When Mia and Alfie’s paths cross for the briefest of moments, Mia realizes she never should have let him go and Alfie’s suppressed memories and feelings boil to the surface. But their reunion is cut short when a massive earthquake rocks San Francisco, leaving them to stumble desperately across the rubble in search of the ex they still love before the city crumbles—taking one, or both, of them with it.

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