New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

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Young Adult New Releases November 14th 2023

New releases are winding down for the year, especially due to holidays, so make your wishlists now, and remind everyone books make the best presents! You can peep what’s left for November and December on our Bookshop page!

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

Only She Came Back

by Margot Harrison
on November 14, 2023
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 320

A chilling thriller about an unlikely friendship between a true-crime fan and a former high school classmate suspected of murdering her influencer boyfriend, perfect for fans of Holly Jackson and Courtney Summers.

On July 28 at 6:30 p.m., Kiri Dunsmore walks out of the desert wearing her boyfriend's sweatshirt, covered in his blood. Dazed and on the verge of unconsciousness, she tells a cashier that he's still out there and most likely dead. The disappearance of Callum Massey, a "survival guru" with hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers, rocks the nation. And Kiri is a prime suspect.

Back in Kiri's hometown, true-crime fanatic Sam is completely hooked on the case--especially now that she recognizes the suspect as shy Katie from high school. Although they didn't know each other well, that doesn't stop Sam from reaching out to befriend her old classmate.

But when Kiri starts to confide in her, Sam realizes there's more to the story than she had imagined. Can she keep Kiri's secrets even though revealing them could put her where she's always longed to be--at the center of the story?

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023


by Keith F. Miller Jr.
Published by: HarperTeen
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult
Pages: 416

Concrete Rose meets Things We Couldn't Say in Pritty, a debut novel by Keith F. Miller Jr.--the inspiration behind the forthcoming animated short film of Kickstarter fame--that follows two boys who get caught in the crossfire of a sinister plot that not only threatens everything they love but may cost them their own chance at love.

On the verge of summer before his senior year, Jay is a soft soul in a world of concrete. While his older brother is everything people expect a man to be--tough, athletic, and in charge--Jay simply blends into the background to everyone, except when it comes to Leroy.

Unsure of what he could have possibly done to catch the eye of the boy who could easily have anyone he wants, Jay isn't about to ignore the surprising but welcome attention. But as everything in his world begins to heat up, especially with Leroy, whispered rumors over the murder of a young Black journalist and long-brewing territory tensions hang like a dark cloud over his neighborhood. And when Jay and Leroy find themselves caught in the crossfire, Leroy isn't willing to be the reason Jay's life is at risk.

Dragged into the world of the Black Diamonds--whose work to protect the Black neighborhoods of Savannah began with his father and now falls to his older brother--Leroy knows that finding out who attacked his brother is not only the key to protecting everyone he loves but also the only way he can ever be with Jay. Wading through a murky history of family trauma and regret, Leroy soon dis-covers that there's no keeping Jay safe when Jay's own family is in just as deep and fighting the undertow of danger just as hard.

Now Jay and Leroy must puzzle through secrets hiding in plain sight and scramble to uncover who is determined to eliminate the Black Diamonds before someone else gets hurt--even if the cost might be their own electric connection.

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

The Crimson Fortress (The Ivory Key Duology, #2)

by Akshaya Raman
Published by: Clarion Books
on November 14, 2023
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 432

In this thrilling, action-packed sequel and conclusion to the critically acclaimed Ivory Key duology, royal siblings Vira, Ronak, Kaleb, and Riya battle vengeful enemies, centuries-old mysteries, and their own personal demons in order to save their country from ruin.

The search for the Ivory Key has brought royal siblings Vira, Ronak, Kaleb, and Riya closer than they have been in years as they try to restore magic and stability to Ashoka. But despite finally getting their hands on the long-lost key, uncovering its cipher has proved more complicated and dangerous than they ever expected.

Their missions force them to split up and disperse them across Ashoka and beyond. When a rash decision by the council strips Vira of her power, her journey to reclaim her throne takes on new meaning. Kaleb travels to the neighboring country of Lyria to uncover its emperor’s motives and meets a prince seeking answers of his own. Ronak’s efforts to escape his arranged marriage and exonerate his brother lead to a series of risky deals that only bring him closer to what he’s running from. And Riya’s newfound power has turned unpredictable, but her search for answers only raises more questions.

When their attempts at decoding the key release an ancient power, the siblings must align to face the past and save their future once and for all. In a quest that culminates in a deadly labyrinth, there’s only one way they will succeed: together.

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

Outer Banks: Dead Break

by Jay Coles
Published by: Amulet Books
on Nov 14 2023
Genres: Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 272

The Pogues hit the beach in another action-packed original YA novel based on the hit Netflix show, Outer Banks

The waves are off the hook, and Pope and the other Pogues are betting big on Kiara blowing the Kook competition out of the water. What could possibly go wrong?
It's summer in the OBX, and a big surfing competition is bringing in pro surfers from around the world to Kildare Island, along with plenty of Kooks and tourists. Meanwhile, a storm has delivered massive waves, making for perfect--yet challenging-surfing conditions. But Kiara, who has been training, is up for the challenge. As for Pope, he just started his summer internship at the city morgue--his dream job!

When Kiara strikes up a flirtation with one of the pro surfers, Pope, John B, and JJ can't help but get a little jealous at the attention she receives. Meanwhile, the visiting surfers are treating Pope's dad, Heyward, like some kind of hero, but he won't explain why. When one of the professional surfers washes up dead on the beach, everyone assumes he got crushed by a wave. But Pope, Kiara, and the rest of the Pogues aren't so sure.

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

Artifacts of an Ex

by Jennifer Chen
Published by: Wednesday Books
on November 14, 2023
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 320

When Chloe Chang gets dumped via USPS after moving across the county from NYC to LA, her first instinct is to throw her box of memories in the garbage. Instead, she starts buying other teenagers’ break-up boxes to create an art exhibit, Heartifacts. Opening night is going great, until she spots Daniel Kwak illicitly filming his best friend’s reaction to his ex’s box. When she tries to stop him, an intense discussion ends up launching a creative partnership and friendship… and a major crush for Chloe.

There’s just one problem: Daniel is dead set on not being another rebound.

Five times he’s been the guy who makes the girls he’s dating realize they want to get back with their ex. And he refuses for there to be a sixth. She insists she’s over her ex, but when he shows up unexpectedly with his new girlfriend, it turns out Daniel was right. She isn’t ready for a new relationship.

She throws herself into making Heartifacts successful, but flashy influencers threaten her original vision of the exhibit. To create the exhibit she’s always wanted, Chloe needs to go back to basics, learn to work with artists in a more collaborative way, and discover what love can be. Only then will she convince Daniel she’s truly ready for everything they could be to one another.

In the tradition of Jenny Han and Emma Lord, Jennifer Chen’s Artifacts of an Ex is a story of love, art, and finding your way when everything you know has changed completely.

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

Gender Rebels: 30 Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Heroes Past and Present

by Katherine Locke, Shanee Benjamin
Published by: Running Press Kids
Genres: LGBTQIA+, Non-Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 120

For young teens, this is a must-have book celebrating the history of 30 trans, gender-expansive, and nonbinary heroes throughout the world.

Explore the history of trans and nonbinary people throughout the world in this gorgeously illustrated nonfiction book for young teens. Readers will be educated and enlightened about gender-expansive people who have made a difference in our history and who continue to help raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in current society. Introductory materials give readers an insight into pronoun usage, the history of the word "transgender," and more before providing engaging and fascinating information about thirty trans, gender-expansive, and nonbinary people who have helped shape our world. From Callon of Epidaurus (the first intersex individual to receive surgery) to Elliot Page (a trans actor) to Tomoya Hosoda (the first trans politician in Japan), this book will open up dialogue and help educate young adults on the history, legacy, and future of trans, gender-expansive, and nonbinary people and their rights at a time when protecting those rights is needed more than ever. The book is complete with sidebars about trans topics, a reference guide, and a glossary of terminology.

New Release Tuesday: YA New Releases November 14th 2023

Dark Heir

by C.S. Pacat
Published by: Quill Tree Books
on November 14, 2023
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult
Pages: 496

In this riveting sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel Dark Rise, Will and his allies have survived the Dark's first assault, but at a terrible cost.

A new threat from the past is rising, and only a handful of heroes remain to fight. Pursued by dark forces, Will and his allies must leave the safety of the Hall and travel to the heart of the ancient world, making new and dangerous alliances, and revealing the shocking secrets of the past.

But Will is carrying a dark secret of his own--his true identity. Drawn to the beautiful and deadly James St. Clair, Will is pulled ever deeper into the web of the past, and finds himself tempted by the darkness within. As the ancient world threatens to return, can Will and his friends fight their fate? Or will the truths they learn tear their world apart?

Dark Heir is the explosive and highly anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestselling Dark Rise, from global phenomenon C. S. Pacat.

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