Review: DeadEndia: The Divine Order vol. 3 by Hamish Steele

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Review: DeadEndia: The Divine Order vol. 3 by Hamish Steele

Today I am thrilled to share with you 5 Reasons to Read DeadEndia: The Divine Order vol. 3 by Hamish Steele and of course it kind of touches on volumes 1 & 2, because this is a series, but there will be no spoilers, just vibes! So check it out and preorder or pick up DeadEndia Vol 3 when it hits shelves next Tuesday, April 23rd!

And if you haven’t heard, Dead End: Paranormal Park is the Netflix adaptation of this webcomic turned graphic novel! So you can read and then watch the animation (or the other way around – we don’t judge)! The show unfortunately was cancelled, BUT Volume 3 is the true ending of the series, which was not adapted, so if you need to know what happens, you gotta read vol 3!!

Review: DeadEndia: The Divine Order vol. 3 by Hamish Steele

DeadEndia: The Divine Order (Volume 3)

by Hamish Steele
Published by: Union Square and Co
on April 23, 2024
Genres: Graphic Novel, LGBTQIA+, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 256

Eisner Award-winning creator Hamish Steele's DeadEndia series is Steven Universe meets Adventure Time for fans of Scott Pilgrim, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, and Pumpkinheads.

In this diverse young adult graphic novel, third in the DeadEndia trilogy, Barney, Norma, and friends team up with unlikely heroes to fight a battle for the fate of the universe, all while dealing with their greatest challenge of all: their love lives.

The battle between angels and demons rages on, and Courtney finds themselves restored to former glory in the realm of the angels with a new mission: bring about a new Divine Order and create a fourteenth plane of existence to keep the demons at bay. On the seventh plane, known to us as Earth, Norma Khan and Barney Guttman have allied with the demons in a search for both freedom and peace. There's just one thing standing in their way: the Guttman family reunion. Badyah has joined the resistance as well, honing her martial arts skills and getting ready to protect Norma in battle.

But Pael, the Divine's lead angel, has tricks up their sleeve that throw everything into chaos as Norma, Barney, and Badyah learn the truth behind everything. The three friends struggle to stop Pael before their lives are changed forever, and a familiar friend returns with a power that just might save them all in this stunning conclusion to the DeadEndia graphic novel series.

Part workplace comedy, part supernatural horror adventure, with a splash of LGBTQ+ romance, The Divine Order is perfect for fans of author Hamish Steele's Netflix original TV series Dead End: Paranormal Park who are in search of more adventures, for graphic novel lovers who want more diversity in their reads, or for anyone who has finished The Watcher's Test and The Broken Halo and is ready for the final entry in the zany, creative, and laugh-out-loud funny world of DeadEndia.

5 Reasons to Read: DeadEndia Vol 1-3

  1. Steller Diverse Representation! The MC Barney, is trans, and his best friend Norma is neurodiverse, and the rest of the cast is also diverse and are all important, and have their own coming-of-age things to explore throughout the series.
  2. Amusement Park setting is just so fun and perfect for the weird stuff – it’s an adventure that’s also really funny! The art and the writing is just really stellar!
  3. Speaking of weird stuff, we have portals to the demon realms, demon kings, and possessions…and even some vengeful ghosts!
  4. Did someone mention TALKING DOGS, but more specifically a talking PUG! So funny.
  5. Saving the world, fighting demons and angels, and falling in love…these are hard fought battles!

This final volume brings Barney’s adventures to a satisfying ending in this supernatural horror series especially for fans of not only the webcomic series, but also the animated show that was cancelled too soon.


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