Books On Our Radar: Out of Blue Comes Green by M.E. Corey

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BOOR: Out of Blue Comes Green by M.E. Corey

We think this upcoming release, Out of Blue Comes Green by M.E. Corey should be on your radar! The tagline was all I needed to know that I wanted to read this book – what does every teenager want? A girlfriend and successful rock band! Yes, folks you heard it here, all I ever wanted in highschool was to be in a rock band…did I do more than just immerse myself in music, not much. I did try to learn some instruments, and meh. I digress, sometimes a book probably speaks directly to you, and other times we just pick up some books for their tropes etc. So this one you can also expect trans masc rep, learning to navigate coming of age, romance, and animal shelter volunteers, oh my heart! So if any of those things sound fun to you, then you should add Out of Blue Comes Green to your TBR or preorder for the April 23rd release!

Books On Our Radar: Out of Blue Comes Green by M.E. Corey

Out of Blue Comes Green

by M.E. Corey
Published by: Page Street YA
on April 23, 2024
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

Kinkade wants what every other teenage boy wants: a girlfriend and a successful rock band--but that's not as easy as it sounds.

After a killer school talent show performance in full masculine presentation, trans boy Kinkade is quickly knocked back down to earth when his crush rejects him, and the whole school sees him in the dress his mother forced him to wear for a family photo. So, when the new girl Madi assumes he is cis and asks him out, he accepts without correcting her.

After years of being ignored by his old crush and bullied by other boys, Kinkade just wants to convince Madi that he’s a regular guy’s guy. To impress her and finally win the approval of his peers, Kinkade agrees to his best friend Libby’s suggestion that they enter a competition to become the band for prom despite his misgivings.

In between band practice, weightlifting, and dates, Kinkade accidentally becomes an animal shelter volunteer under an assumed name―and it’s there among the unconditional acceptance of dogs that he finally receives the affirmation he’s been longing for.

But it’s going to be harder than he thought to play the show, get the girl, and become the man he’s meant to be.

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