New Release Review: Emmitt’s Treasure by Melissa Haag

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New Release Review: Emmitt’s Treasure
by Melissa Haag

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I am so excited that I was able to read & review Emmitt’s Treasure by Melissa Haag. I have been a huge fan of the Judgement of the Six series, and now that the companion series have been releasing, I have been in absolute heaven! Getting into the minds of the male characters has been so satisfying! Hope you check out my review, and be sure to grab the first companion book in the series, Clay’s Hope (currently free)!


emmitts treasureEmmitt’s Treasure by Melissa Haag

Series: Judgement of the Six Companion series #2
Category: Young Adult, Upper YA, Paranormal Romance
Publication: May 24th, 2016
Purchase: Amazon

After six years away from his pack, Emmitt realizes he has no idea what he wants from life. His parents want him to lead the pack, and the Elders expect him to further integrate his people into human society. His reluctance to take on the demanding responsibility of leadership has him dragging his feet to return home.

Finding his Mate changes everything. Michelle’s shy and beautiful and on the run. She needs somewhere to stay and someone to take care of her. Suddenly, responsibility doesn’t seem like such a burden to Emmitt. He’ll do whatever it takes to earn her trust and keep her safe…even from one of his own kind.

Note: This is book 2 of the Judgement of the Six Companion series. If you haven’t read the Judgement of the Six series yet, check out Hope(less) for free!




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“Home wasn’t a place but a desire to be with people who called to your soul.”

Emmitt’s Treasure is the companion novel to (Mis)fortune, book 2 in the Judgement of the Six (Jot6) series. This book is told from Emmitt’s point of view. Usually, I am wary about alternate POV books, because it sometimes feels like I am reading the same book. However, Emmitt’s Treasure was refreshing because though the basic story and events were the same, there is a lot more insight the reader gains from Emmitt’s experiences. I am never disappointed with Melissa Haag’s books, and I really, really want you all to give her books a read! I have read & reviewed all of the Jot6 series & more, so check those out to see if it is something you are interested in. You definitely need to have read, Hope(less) (ebook is *free*) and (Mis)fortune, the first 2 books of the Jot6 series, to really understand what is going on in this companion novel. But while you are at it, grab Clay’s Hope, the first companion novel in the series because hot damn it was pure perfection (and *currently* a free ebook – at the time of this review)!

Emmitt and Michelle are one of my favorite couples in the Jot6 series, so getting into Emmitt’s head was so awesome. Never once did I think I could love Emmitt more, but alas I do. *Swoon* He is just a perfect alpha male, even if he isn’t sure being an alpha is the path he would choose for himself. It really is such a wonderful change of pace to read a sweet, passionate, protective, and of course strong alpha male. It literally had my heart pounding from reading what his feelings for Michelle were like for him. Luckily for Emmitt, his mother is human, so he knew that Michelle would need time, and the mating bond would not be as intense for her as it was for him. I give him so much credit for trying and waiting as long as he did to tell Michelle what he was, why he knew she was his mate, and how he would do anything to protect her from the trouble she was fleeing from.

Even though I knew the story in and out, Emmitt’s Treasure told me so much more. Now I actually feel a stronger connection to Emmitt and Michelle. I also loved reading and having a greater comprehension about the wolf pack. This book has given us readers more interactions with the other wolves and the pack overall, which in turn gave us a broader understanding from the wolves perspectives especially when it came to compatible humans. Plus, we now get to hear the inner monologues Emmitt has with Nana Wini first hand. And of course a lot of wonderful, playful, and very discerning moments with Jim, everyone’s favorite brother. Jim became more of a presence in this book. He got a lot more ‘screen time’ than we did from Michelle’s POV, and I can guarantee this book will make you fall in love with Jim as well.

It is really hard to keep this spoiler free because I just want to gush about the happenings and discoveries that vary from (Mis)fortune, but there are a few more things you need to know:

1. Bake some cookies or buy some to have handy while you read, because the entire time I was reading I wanted cookies!
2. There is plenty of story that we did not know and I would never miss the chance to know more about Emmitt, Jim, Nana Wini, and the rest of the pack! So worth the read as an alternate POV book!
3. I had a grin on my face like the entire time I was reading. This book is a lot of fun!
4. Jim has become even more solidified in my head as one of the best side characters of this series! I need him to get his HEA. I really, really need this to happen!
5. If you had any doubt, the companion novels are a must read & now I am drooling for the next one, Luke’s Dream!


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