Review & Giveaway: Big Bad by Lily Anderson

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Review & Giveaway: Big Bad by Lily Anderson

The Buffy revival is REAL and Big Bad, a story with familiar characters told in an alternative universe (Buffy multiverse? Yes), is an incredible addition. Strap in and join me in visiting Demondale with my 5 star review and enter to win a digital copy below!

Review & Giveaway: Big Bad by Lily Anderson

Big Bad

by Lily Anderson
Published by: Hyperion Avenue
on September 27, 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal

Demondale, Callifornia, 1999...Like Sunnydale, but whole lot more evil.

Step into this alternate reality, where chaos reigns supreme. The Mayor’s sun-shade has created permanent darkness over Sunnydale, fully opening the Hellmouth once and for all. Now the newly christened Demondale has become a safe haven for vampires, beasts, and all types of ruffians. It's never been better to be bad.

Aspiring supervillains (and super nerds) Jonathan and Andrew attempt to hold their own in a town full of monsters, while three-hundred-year-old vengeance demon Anya is just looking for something to give her life purpose again, spending her days working at an evil juice bar. But soon word gets out that there’s a new Big Bad on the scene, one more powerful and more destructive than anyone who has come before. She, of course, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And she’s hell-bent on rooting out all of this reality's evil by any means necessary.

Now Jonathan, Andrew, and Anya must recruit a team of Demondale’s most notorious villains—including Angelus, Spike, Drusilla, and even Ripper the malevolent magic shop owner—in order to save their world. But it’ll be no easy feat to put their pride and differences aside and stop the worst thing that has ever come to town: good.

Written by acclaimed author and Buffy super fan Lily Anderson, this novel brings together Buffy's most devious and beloved villains from the Trio to the Whirlwind to Anya, Glory, and Vampire Willow. This is one apocalypse Buffy fans are not going to want to miss!


Jonathan has long been one of my favorite Buffy characters, so the fact that Lily established him, along with Anya and Andrew, as the MCs of Big Bad, spoke to me.

Big Bad is a nostalgic romp full of beloved characters (along with some new ones) set in a slightly skewed version of the universe we know and love. This isn’t about the Slayer, but about the former normies (ish, in the case of Anya) trying to make it as the minority population. Demondale is exactly what you’d imagine – the world if the Mayor won.

We get to see Spike, Angel, Dru, and so many others as the baddies, but in a world where they’re not the baddies. They’re the normies. And they’ll have to figure out how to work together with the lowly humans if they want to save their world from…..the Slayer? Yeah, you’ll just have to read it.

As a standalone, you don’t have to read any of the other books in the new canon. And if you don’t take it too seriously, you’ll have a lot of fun!


1 Kindle copy of Big Bad

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