Review: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game

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Review: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile Game

So if you know me, HP is my number 1. Like I can acknowledge all the problematic things, and still enjoy it so much even after all this time. So when the Hogwarts Mystery mobile game was released I knew I wanted to check it out. I apparently liked the game a lot, because I have played right up until Year 5 Chapter 11, and there were no more chapters to play. So I figured now was a good time to review this book related mobile game! (This was at the time of me writing this; there are now new chapters!)

I am in no way sponsored or earning anything by providing my thoughts on this game. I just thought it would be cool to review more than just books! Hope you enjoy my thoughts.



Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launched back in April 2018 from Jam City for Warner Bros.’ Portkey Games. It’s currently available to play for free on Android and iOS. It is a typical mobile game, where if you pay to play you will get more awards, items, etc. However, it is most certainly a game you can play without having to put any actual money into it, like myself. We all know there are advantages to buying gems to help you finish projects, buy helpful items, and complete special events. Those types of things don’t matter to me much when I am playing a tap-tap-tap role-playing storyline like this game. I actually really enjoy the storylines, the projects, and the little facts from the Hogwarts universe.

This game is set a few years before Harry Potter enters Hogwarts, so there are actual characters we know and love. For example, you go to school with characters like Bill & Charlie Weasley, and Tonks! Like most RPG mobile games, you get to create your character, dress them, pick their names (as long as it isn’t a famous wizard’s surname, I tried).

The main storyline follows your character to try to solve the mystery of your missing brother, who disappeared from Hogwarts a few years back. There are cursed vaults that cause havoc on the school, and you team up with other characters, teachers, and more to break the curse, and hopefully discover the secret of your brothers disappearance.

New Additions

Some of the newest additions to the game, just happen to be my favorite, The Magical Creatures Reserve, where you get to adopt, feed, and interact with some of the more well-known creatures. As of now, my biggest frustration is that I am just not gaining enough of the ‘notebooks,’ the form of currency to adopt the creatures. So as much as I want to adopt more magical creatures, I will be tapping away for a while to gain the notebooks. Funny that they aren’t really selling them for actual currency, which I am sure is coming. Of course you could buy gems to finish the special earning quests that give you notebooks.


I would honestly trade all the coins I have earned for some of the notebooks, or even some energy, but alas I keep hitting the game maximum, and then I dump some into the clothing just to get the flashing max out of my face. So my biggest hangup is the coins are semi-pointless at this stage in the game play. I do like how easy it is to earn gems without buying them. I think this is the most liberal game in giving out the highest form of currency randomly.


I am thrilled that the game fixed the early ‘bug’ where most would accidentally tap to use their gems for more energy. There was no delay, and no confirmation, so at the beginning, myself and many others, would lose all their gems for nothing important. Also, when I say fixed, it is more like they added a delay, so if you aren’t paying attention you may click through still.


I love the special holiday tie in tasks. Right now it is focused on a Happy Christmas, and I love the Wizards Chess game play! I am so excited they finally incorporated that! So there is still time to download this game and start tapping to choose your next Hogwarts adventure! During the halloween adventures, there was a werewolf storyline, and you got to be a part of a rock band! During that they even had a moment where you were tell a secret about your crush. No matter your characters gender they allowed for a same-sex choice, and my queer heart grew two sizes that day. They also included a Star Wars joke, so yeah…the creators are speaking to my nerd.

Overall, if you are a Harry Potter universe fan, and you don’t mind monotonous tasks, I think you’d enjoy this game. I know I keep playing everyday!





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