Review: Split the Sun (Inherit the Stars #2) by Tessa Elwood

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Review: Split the Sun (Inherit the Stars #2)
by Tessa Elwood

Split the Sun (Inherit the Stars #2) by Tessa Elwood was released on Tuesday and we have our thoughts on this installment below. Feel free to check out our review on book 1, Inherit the Stars, before reading further. I would like to thank Running Press Kids and Netgalley for the advance reader copy and all opinions are my own and in no way influenced.


splitSplit the Sun (Inherit the Stars #2) by Tessa Elwood

Category: Young Adult, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Publication: December 6th, 2016; Running Press Kids
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The Ruling Lord of the House of Galton is dead, and the nation is in shock—or celebrating, depending on the district. Kit Franks would be more than happy to join him.

Kit’s mother bombed the digital core of the House, killing several and upending the nation’s information structure. No one wants the daughter of a terrorist. Kit lost her job, her aunt wants her evicted, her father is using her as a shield against a drug lord, a group of political rebels need Kit to ignite an interplanetary war, and the boy two floors down keeps jacking up her suicide attempts—as if she has a life worth saving.

When Mom-the-terrorist starts showing up on feeds and causing planet-wide blackouts, everyone looks to Kit for an answer. The rebels want Mom on their side. The government needs to stop Mom’s digital virus from spreading before there’s no record of government left. Both sides will do anything, destroy anyone, to make Kit crack. They believe she’s the key to Mom’s agenda and the House’s future. Worst of all, they may be right.

Kit’s having dreams she can’t explain, remembering conversations that no longer seem innocent, understanding too much coded subtext in Mom’s universal feed messages. Everyone, from Mom to the rebels, has a vision of Kit’s fate—locked, sealed, and ready to roll. The question is, does Kit have a vision for herself?

Tessa Elwood’s final book in the Inherit the Stars series introduces readers to a strong, unique heroine who must chart her own destiny against a minefield of family ambitions and political agendas.




[book rating=2.5/5]

Lord Galton is dead. The nation is divided, and Kit Franks is in the middle of it thanks to her dead mother. Once her mother bombed the House capitol city Kit has been thrust into infamy, as well as made her a target.

When everyone in the country is out to get you and thinks they know what your future is, it’s easy to lose yourself. Does she even have a future? Or is she to be punished for the sins of her mother?

Kit Franks is 22 years old. In her world she is just trying to make ends meet working at the museum. All she can do is try to keep her nose clean, keep her head down, and be thankful for the roof over her head. Her entire world changes when her mother bombs the Archive building, dying in the process and leaving Kit to be national enemy number one. Kit is smart, strong, and loyal. She is also alone. With the only people whom mattered in her life gone, she has to decide who to trust. Who can you trust when everywhere you turn people make you question everything, even yourself? Kit would do anything to save what little family she has left, family by blood not love. She sometimes makes some rash decisions, but in the end she is the one who pays for it. At the end of the day she is just trying to make a living and have the life she couldn’t have before. Does she figure it out?

As a story on its own, and not the final book in a duology, this book was interesting. The idea of what happens to someone when they are left to face the consequences of someone else’s actions, is a very interesting one. The main character in the book makes you a little sad with how alone she feels, but quickly makes you feel proud of how sure she is in herself and her ability. Most of what we see from her is inner strength, and there are some definite proud moments in there for her.

The cons of this book for me were pretty upfront. The book itself was a slow start for me. Honestly, I don’t know how many times it took me to get through the first ten chapters. It seems like this is a consistency in the author’s writing as a whole. I was just a little desperate for changes as the book progressed. I thought the story was interesting, but I don’t understand how this book was a sequel. Other than being in the same universe the books don’t have much in common and that drove me a little crazy while reading. I also felt like there were some holes in the plot.

Overall, this is an ok read for anyone regardless of whether or not you read the first book. I would not say this was a quick read, but I did really enjoy the last few chapters and ending. I really liked the first book, but I am disappointed with this installment and that sucks because I feel like a third book is necessary to tie up the loose ends.

All in all, I give this book a 2.5 out of 5 stars!

Happy Reading!


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