Blog Tour, Review, Interview & Giveaway: The Boy Next Story by Tiffany Schmidt

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Blog Tour, Review & Interview: The Boy Next Story by Tiffany Schmidt

The Boy Nexy Story is the second book in the Bookish Boyfriends series by Tiffany Schmidt. I absolutely devoured the first book, A Date with Darcy, and I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this blog tour to celebrate the release of The Boy Next Story! Check out the tour-wide giveaway, and a second giveaway on instagram! Follow @bookcrushin and another chance on @diamondxgirl!

Today, we not only have an interview with Christy and Tiffany to share with you all, we also have a mini review from Kelly! Christy is a huge fan of Tiffany’s books and I am thrilled she got to sit down and talk with her!

The Boy Next Story is available now, so check out all the book details and our thoughts below!

Author Interview

Check out Tiffany and I chatting about what classic elements were important to maintain in her retellings, a few easter eggs, what characters she identifies with, and which bookish boyfriends of today she hopes get their own retellings in the future!


The Bookish Boyfriends series is a fun, light, YA romcom, where there is a quirky, and maybe magical, high school English teacher, who somehow assigns the perfect book that can make your dream love life come true!

The Boy Next Story is the second book in the series, where this time, Aurora (Rory), is the main character who has a serious crush on her next door neighbor, Toby, who just so happens to have heart eyes for Rory’s older sister, Merri (the protagonist in book one). I knew while reading A Date with Darcy, that Rory was going to get her own book, her personality was jumping off the page. While you can read The Boy Next Story without reading book one, it was a great story, so I don’t think you should skip it!

So these books follow a classic book that ends up helping steer the characters towards their life paths and their true loves. So Rory starts out reading The Great Gatsby and our magical English teacher, Ms. Gregoire, can’t figure why Rory isn’t feeling the connection to the characters. So once that book is over, she decides to assign Rory some extra credit and try to hit the nail on the head with Little Women.

I love that Merri believes so firmly in Ms. Gregoire’s magic, that as soon as she see’s that Rory has been assigned Little Women, Merri KNOWS, who Rory is in love with, and how her story will end! Speaking of Merri, this book shows us her in a totally different light, from the eyes of the littler sister who constantly feels like an outlier. It is kind of sad, but ultimately it felt so true and realistic. Our lives and actions can be interpreted in so many ways depending on who is telling our story.

This story is so much more than a retelling of a classic love story, it’s mostly about finding your place in life, in school, and in your family. The story of the black sheep in the family, who truly just wants to do right by her family, but also wants to be loved and included. I loved Rory’s story and I can’t wait to see these characters again, in the next book!


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About Tiffany Schmidt

Tiffany Schmidt is a former sixth grade teacher living and creating mischief in Doylestown, PA. She’s married to a saint, the mother of three impish boys, and the owner of a pair of mischievous pups. She is the author of nine acclaimed young adult novels. Tiffany believes in happy endings, reading under the covers, make believe, eating dessert before dinner, and writing the kissing scenes first.

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