Cover Crush: A Shot In the Dark by Victoria Lee

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Cover Crush: A Shot In the Dark by Victoria Lee

I know what you’re thinking…another pink cover, but I can’t help myself, look at it!! A Shot in the Dark is the ADULT debut romance from well known YA writer, Victoria Lee. I mean the cover is extremely eye-catching but wait till you read the synopsis, whew, this book has the potential to break me into all the pieces, you know, just they way readers like! This emotional & sensual story about two people finding love after struggling with addiction. And of course it is still Pride Month, so here we are featuring a Queer Adult romance coming this fall!

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Cover Crush: A Shot In the Dark by Victoria Lee

A Shot in the Dark

by Victoria Lee
Published by: Dell
on September 5, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQIA+
Pages: 320

An emotionally powerful romance novel about two people finding love after struggling with addiction--ultimately discovering what it means to be completely and unapologetically themselves.

Elisheva Cohen has just returned to Brooklyn after almost a decade. The wounds of abandoning the Orthodox community that raised her, then shunned her because of her substance abuse, are still painful. But when she gets an amazing opportunity to study photography with art legend Wyatt Cole, Ely is willing to take the leap. On her first night back in town, Ely goes out to the infamous queer club Revel for a celebratory night of dancing. Ely is swept off her feet and into bed by a gorgeous man who looks like James Dean, but with a thick Carolina accent. The next morning, Ely wakes up alone and rushes off to attend her first photography class, reminiscing on the best one-night stand of her life. She doesn't even know his name. That is, until Wyatt Cole shows up for class--and Ely realizes that the man she just spent an intimate and steamy night with is her teacher.

Everyone in the art world is obsessed with Wyatt Cole. He's immensely talented and his notoriously reclusive personal life makes him all the more compelling. But there's a reason why his past is hard for him to publicize. After coming out as transgender, Wyatt was dishonorably discharged from the military and disowned by his family. From then on he committed to sobriety and channeled his pain into his flourishing art career. While Ely and Wyatt's relationship started out on a physical level, their similar struggles spark a much deeper connection. The chemistry is undeniable, but their new relationship as teacher and student means desperately wanting what they can't have.

In this deeply romantic adult debut, bestselling author Victoria Lee creates stunningly genuine characters and crafts a love story that you won't ever forget.

Cover design: Eileen Carey

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