Cover Crush: Dream to Me by Megan Paasch

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Cover Crush: Dream to Me by Megan Paasch

Dream to Me by debut author Megan Paasch is a contemporary fantasy that has such a haunting cover! I absolutely love the color scheme and the movement in this illustration (illustration by Rich Deas). It feels magical and dark – comp’d as having Twin Peaks vibes, and that aesthetic is right up my alley – and just what the doctor ordered for a January release! Add this beauty to your TBR for the January 31st release!

Cover Crush: Dream to Me by Megan Paasch

Dream to Me

by Megan Paasch
Published by: Feiwel and Friends, Feiwel Friends
on January 31, 2023
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Mystery, Young Adult
Pages: 384

From debut author Megan Paasch comes Dream to Me, a YA contemporary fantasy about generational magic, grief, and what it takes to forgive ourselves.

Eva Sylvan didn’t ask for any of this. Not the cross-country move with her sister to a town in the middle of nowhere, not the family estate, inherited from a late great-aunt, that’s falling apart at the hinges, and definitely not the sudden death of her beloved father. So when the locals react with hostility to the very mention of her last name, Eva’s pretty sure things can’t get any worse.

Until she has a dream about a gas station employee and the next day, he’s in a coma.

And then it happens again.

Something sinister is lurking in the corners of Eva's dreams, something that’s having devastating effects on the waking world. People are dropping left and right, and Eva finds herself squarely in the town's crosshairs. In order to defeat the shadows of her unconscious, Eva must not only unearth the magic tied to her family history, but she must confront the guilt that has been haunting her since her father’s death. Only she can save the town from the dark power in her dreams - if the threat is truly even her dreams at all.

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