It’s Personal: Kelly & Christy Talk Supernatural

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It’s Personal: Kelly & Christy Talk Supernatural

TONGIHT, a show we’ve both been watching for 15 years will come to an end. Supernatural isn’t the first show each of us has watched from start to finish and I’m sure it won’t be the last. To me, it feels like the most important (Kelly may feel different!).

It’s no secret Supernatural is one of the things we’ve bonded over. It’s hard to put 15 years into words but we are going to give it our all here, right as the end comes.


I have no idea how to sum up a show that I dedicated an hour a week for 20+ weeks a year – for over 15 years! *side math that’s at least 330 hours!* Let’s not even count the amount of re-watches and headspace and thoughts this show takes up in my brain. Luckily when I met Christy, she gave me new ways to be a fan and the ability to share my passion for a show and most importantly that I wasn’t alone.

Which is a theme of Supernatural, isn’t it? We are not alone, and we are definitely #TeamFreeWill. Seriously, I am kind of just sitting here waiting for Thursday and just thinking to myself it’s not real. This can’t be the end.

I watched Jensen & Jared cry buckets at the last Supernatural #SDCC panel ever. Even then, I wished it wasn’t true. That they would stick around a little bit longer.

Well 2020 happened, and the Covid-19 Pandemic has been raging worldwide so we got a delay…but now – now it is still ending. I am wearing all SPN clothes today and it feels right…even though it feels wrong to say goodbye.

I really have no words, so this truly is the time for Christy to shine, the passion she has for this show, goes beyond and it impresses me every single day. So read on… and carry on my wayward sisters.


It’s hard to believe I was a senior in college when I started watching this show. That sounds like a lifetime ago (lol well, I guess it kind of is) but Supernatural is forever evergreen in my eyes. No one is ever really dead on Supernatural and, to me, that meant Supernatural never dies.

Don’t tell young me that it actually DOES eventually end.

Originally planned as a five-year arc, it’s amazing to think we got 10 years more. I promised myself that I would get a Supernatural tattoo after the show ended, each year holding my breath that it wouldn’t be the year I went ahead on my promise. My friends teased me, surprised I have held that promise for more than 10 years. I figured it was my bargain with Chuck, whatever that means.

What can I even say about this show? I came into it as a fan of Jensen Ackles and all things WB (now the CW). I leave it having made friends, found fandom, converted so many people into fans, and ended relationships over snide comments about the show (true story!). Many of us in fandom have that show – Battlestar, Buffy, Firefly (yes, I have also watched those from start to finish and yes I also love them and YES my obsession is there). The SPNFamily is indescribably special.

I’m the weird fan whose favorite season is 7. I dare you to watch it in the current political environment and not see Dick Roman as a better looking, well spoken version of Trump. Yes, there’s a critical character death in this season (but, like, all seasons and remember, no one ever really dies in Supernatural) but have you ever been more grossed out by anything than you were by the turducken?

Some of my favorite moments from the show are not moments in the show at all. They’re memories I’ve made. Like cosplay. Conventions. 5 years ago, our honeymoon trip was to a Supernatural convention. Later, Kelly and I went to a convention. You can’t top these moments. I hope we continue to create these memories for the next 15 years, and the next…

It may be over…but the show will live on for so many more years & memories!

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