Review: ReMade Episodes 1.13-1.15 by Andrea Phillips, Matthew Cody & Kiersten White

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Review: ReMade Episodes 1.13-1.15 by Andrea Phillips, Matthew Cody & Kiersten White

ReMade is a serial novel released in episodes and today I am reviewing the final 3 episodes of season 1! I am absolutely addicted to this serialized fiction and I am so excited to start season 2! ReMade season 2 was just released on November 15th, so there is no better time to binge with me! The audio narration is amazing and it is perfect for my commute! If you are interested in this YA, sci-fi serial, check out episodes 1 and 2 for free! Did you hear?! ReMade season one has been released into a podcast! You have to check out all the new sound effects!


All of my reviews of ReMade are more plot based than my normal reviews, so they are all a little more spoilery than usual. I recommend checking out my review for the first episode before reading on!

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Memories of Arcadia (ReMade #1.13) by Andrea Phillips

[book rating=5/5]

YES! So much is finally divulged in this episode! So excited to finally get it, and to know I wasn’t too far off base with my theory. I wasn’t exactly correct in my understanding for the caretakers, but overall it makes so much sense and I get it now!

Arcadia is the city and it is run by an impressive AI. After many centuries alone, the AI is starting to fail, it feels pain, loss, and loneliness. So when Arcadia finds the group of ReMades is here it decides to assist the group as best it can. Helping them create cookies, healing wounds, and making sure no caretakers enter the city limits.

Arcadia is more than just an AI, it is the city, and it doesn’t want to go on anymore. Her data is corrupt, and she is losing more and more of the city. Mostly to rogue caretakers, whom after centuries have lost their true purpose and have become destructive instead of helpful. As readers we now know a larger portion of the background to this mysterious world. We can also speculate on why things may be occurring and why the ReMades are here. But one thing is for sure, I feel the city’s sadness. I thought having all this work and company would make her happy, but it seems it just let her know how much she has lost over time.

This episode was brilliant and we are coming to the final stages of Season 1. Something big is coming…but at least we know there is a Season 2 on the horizon.


The Slow Fade (ReMade #1.14) by Matthew Cody

[book rating=4/5]

Holden has pretty much been the speculative voice of reason. He strongly believes the group will never be safe and he just wants everyone to stay prepared. But most of them (sans Loki & Umta) are getting comfortable in this special city that makes food on demand, is warm, and has electricity. Arcadia has presented herself to Holden and gave him a few major hints about what the timeline is and why they are there, as best as she could since she is having major memory malfunctions as well. But she asked a favor of Holden, to bring Inez back to hear what Arcadia will ask next.

As we near the ending of this season, I can’t help but be impressed with a lot of my hypotheses on what was going on in this world. But I would have never guessed what is coming next! I don’t really want to give too much of the ending away, but Arcadia asks Holden and Inez a really important favor that has major consequences for the teens as well.


The End of the Beginning (ReMade #1.15) by Kiersten White

[book rating=4/5]

I can’t believe this!!! HOW?! WHY?! Oh my freaking heart!

So yes, it is no surprise that serial fiction has become really fun for me, but that it also ends on a crazy cliffhanger! I can’t even with this episode. I absolutely love Holden, and I cannot figure out why so many in the group trust Inez more. So she is angry with Holden’s choices and actions, and I get it. But I also know that if I was in Holden’s place, I would have done something similar. Maybe with a little extra precaution & timing though.

So the group has a map to the possible underground where the last humans on earth fled to and that is where the group is headed. But the group is fractured and in my heart I hope they come back together rather quickly in season 2.

Overall, I loved this entire season! Some episodes were stronger than others but I am officially addicted to serial fiction! I am definitely a little sour over this crazy cliffhanger ending, but I can’t wait to start listening to season 2!



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